Want to add some creativity to family time? With JELL-O® PLAY™, it’s as easy as “Think it. Make it. Eat it.”! Ready for an adventure?

Let's embark...
Think It.
First, you’ll want your family to warm up their imaginations – picture a turtle juggling or a koala bear breakdancing. You get the idea. If you can think it, you can make it!
Make It.
OK, you and the kids are ready to jiggle, wiggle and wobble your way to endless possibilities. Whoever said “the sky’s the limit”, never built a skyscraper out of JELL-O® gelatin.
Eat It.
Bravo, that’s a magical masterpiece! Now it’s time to display your creation for the whole family!
Bring your kitchen to life with JELL-O® Play™
Jello Play Video

Check out all the ways you can create with JELL-O Play!

Discover edible stickers, cutter kits, building blocks and more in your favorite JELL-O flavors!
Meet the JELL-O Wobz!
They’re a group of lovable JELL-O characters cast from everyday objects you can find in your own kitchen. They’ll make your family laugh – but also teach them valuable lessons about embracing imperfections!
Meet Bucket
Meet Baker
Meet Nigel
Meet Meg
Meet Walter
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